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If you love shopping local, you'll love Local Shop Hub
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Join the Local Shopping Revolution coming to your local area! Experience the way how you always wanted to shop in a convenient, hassle-free and privacy friendly way.

Our Mission

We are committed to offer Local Shoppers a life-changing shopping experience. Find Local Shops and Businesses around you and buy the usual products that you always buy - but in such an easy way.

What we Do

It's simple: we bring Your favourite shops online so that you can shop around the clock, anytime, from anywhere.
Even if you're going on holidays, just tell us where you are and we'll find you the nearest local businesses.

Local Shopping as easy as 1-2-3:


Your Area First

Support Local Shops & Businesses in Your Local Area.

To You

Our priority is to make Your Local Shopping easier than ever!

Hassle Free

Say goodbye to the time wasting walks and searches through several shops.

You are our main focus

We are only happy if YOU are 100% satisfied with your entire shopping journey with us.

Based on Your Location

Set your location(s) and you can shop online in any stores that are nearby, wherever you are; even on the go!

Smart Shopping Baskets

Shop in as many of your favourite shops as you like at once and handle them simultaniously.

Secure Payment

All transactions are processed over an SSL-encypted connection and we don't store nor save your payment details for your safety.

Hub e-Vouchers

Buy Hub eVouchers and redeem them at any participating stores on Local Shop Hub - for yourself or as a gift for your friends.

Invite your friends and get rewards!

Send your friends your unique invite link, and upon their registration you will both receive discount vouchers to spend across our site.

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Local Shop Hub is designed especially for You

If you love shopping local , you'll LOVE Local Shop Hub

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I use Local Shop Hub? / What are the benefits of using Local Shop Hub?

You can shop at many Irish local shops and businesses from the comfort of your home, or even on the go! Request local delivery or collect your items when it suits YOU. You can also handle your regularly bought items super-easily.

How much does it cost?
Using Local Shop Hub is totally free of charge for Customers. No monthly fee or other charges at all. All purchases you make through us is exactly the same price as if you were shopping in store.
Let us ask you: Regarding time lost and products not found, how much does it cost you NOT to shop using Local Shop Hub?
How do I know what business I am purchasing from?
Our local directory and local shopping tools are easy to use. We help you get the best shopping experience that possible.
Once you set your home location (or nearest town/city), we show you local shops and businesses who available in your area.
How does shopping work?
Exactly the same as you've done in person. You have separate shopping baskets for each shop you are shopping in and you can checkout each one separately.
What is Stripe? Is Stripe safe?

Stripe is our payment processor partner, and they take care of our entire payment process. This means that we do NOT store nor manage your card payment information. You can have the peace of mind knowing that your payment transactions are highly secure. Stripe is a certified PCI Service Provider Level 1. This is the most stringent level of certification available in the payments industry. For further information, click here.

What do you mean about my location? Is it mandatory to provide my exact address or Sat Nav (GPS) position to start shopping?

Don't worry - we don't need them. By "Your location" we mean the town/village you live at (or the nearest one, if you live in rural area). This is only used for showing relevant shops and businesses who are really local for you.
However, if you wish, you can share your current location so nearby Local shops and businesses we show you will be even more accurate.

What if I can't find my favourite shops on Local Shop Hub?
You can suggest them for us - we will do our best to offer them on Local Shop Hub. Each time a business you've suggested joins us, you receive a reward! It worth to suggest as many as possible, no only in your area but anywhere in the country! Join us now!
What can I do to make Local Shop Hub even better? How can I get envolved?
We are highly rely on Local Residents throughout the country. Any contributions are absolutely optional but are highly benefical for everyone.
This includes suggesting any Local Shops and Businesses you like shopping at - so we can do our best to bring them to you on Local Shop Hub!
Also, with your unique Invite link, you can invite your friends to join Local Shop Hub. (!!!!!)Each time someone signs up with your invite link, both you and they receive Local Shopping discount coupons worth €20 in total. (!!!!)Also, during shopping, you are also rewarded each time you leave review about your recent purchase on any Local Shop Hub store.
Finally, we are always looking for feedback and suggestions about users' shopping experience on Local Shop Hub. We aim to constantly improve it to make a better and easier shopping experience for everyone!
Is this just another marketplace to sell unnecessary or expensive stuff?

Definitely not. We aim to give you YOUR Local Shopping Hub where you can handle your everyday needs shopping (such as household items, groceries, etc.), while giving you the widest range of local businesses and shops across Ireland - especially in your locality.

What's the catch with the available shops or range of offered products?

Believe or not, nothing. All participating stores offer exactly the same range of their products as in store, and at the same price. You can't find more competitive service on the market!<br/>Our aim is honestly help Local residents with their Local Shopping in a way we can minimize the hassle and maximize their benefits along with time and money savings.

Is my private data in safe hands?

We have taken utmost care with every aspect of Local Shop Hub to ensure it is safe and enjoyable to use, including members’ personal data. We do not share any of your personal data with anyone unless absolutely necessary, such as when it is required by law or to fulfil your orders. We do not share your personal data with anyone else, including our member businesses, under any other circumstances. Additionally, we do not store your payment card details; they are handled by our secure payment processor (Stripe). This means that each time you place an order, you will need to enter your card details (please also see the next question). For further information, please see our Safe Shopping policy.

The privacy and safety of our users is our utmost priority. As a flagship online market, we do not use any third-party or big multinational businesses to track your activity sneakily in the background. This also makes us 100% privacy-friendly and GDPR compliant.

Only card payment is acceptable? I don't want to type my card details upon every order / I'd prefer to store my card details and order with few clicks!
For security reasons we decided to disallow storing your card details on our site. However, we offer a sitewide payment method called "Hub eVoucher". These can be purchased anytime, in any amount by your payment card. Then, these can be used as a payment method in all shops throughout Local Shop Hub. For further information, please click here
Only card payment is acceptable? I wish to pay for my orders in cash, or at time of delivery or collection


Why and how can I keep my shopping account secure?
We have took the utmost care with every aspects of Local Shop Hub to ensure our Hub is and remains safe place and is enjoyabe to use by everyone. We have zero tolerance for dishonest, not true members or members with multiple or fake accounts. These could lead to threat and harmful to not only our site and service but to Businesses and other users.
To minimize its risk to minimum, require all users (both Businesses and Customers) to verify their account by their valid email address and mobile number.
If a person genuinely does not have a mobile phone that could have access to SMS, please get in touch with your landline number.
Can I make sure that no additional delay or unseen extra costs such as customs charges apply until items get delivered?

All participating shops on Local Shop Hub are genuine Irish businesses and shops. Therefore all costs that apply to you is clearly stated on the checkout page, before payment can be proceed.

If you need items for a deadline, especially If you order anything for a special occasion, we'd recommend to read the business' shipping policy and/or contact them prior purchase to ensure the order will arrive on time.

If, for any reason you experience any customs charges, significant delay etc. in an Irish delivery address, please get in touch with the relevant business to resolve this issue. If for any reason your complaint is not sorted, get in touch with us.

Can I login with my Social Media / Google / Apple account?

Unfortunately not. We do not support any 3rd party logins. You can register for your own Local Shop Hub account within 1 minute.

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