Invite Your Friends to Local Shop Hub Terms & Conditions

This Document covers all aspects of Invite Your Friends to Local Shop Hub

The following are in addition to any Terms and Conditions stated in the competition text.

Due to the high demand we've experienced in past weeks, we have introduced an Invitation Only system on the Customers side.

New Users, Customers can join Local Shop Hub with valid invite only.

We encourage existing Customers to invite their Friends to join Local Shop Hub to make it even more fantastic Hub.

Every Customer has their own unique invite link that can be sent to their Friends to join Local Shop Hub.

Once a new Customer joins Local Shop Hub and verifies their contact details (currently: email address), Local Shop Hub measures and rewards it.

After every 5 new Customers join and verify their details on Local Shop Hub, we issue a "+10% Hub Coupon" to you.

These coupons currently do not have expiry date but we reserve the right to set one on them.

On Local Shop Hub, you can purchase Hub eVouchers any time that can be redeemed against any order placed on any webshop on Local Shop Hub. Minimum eVoucher value is €10, maximum value is €200.

With a valid "+10% Hub Coupon", when you purchase any amount of Hub eVoucher, we give you an extra 10% eVoucher that also can be used sitewide on Local Shop Hub.

The "extra value" eVoucher is a separate eVoucher and is issued to the same Customer who purchased the Hub eVoucher only (extra value cannot be sent as a Gift).

The "normal value" part of eVoucher expires 5 years from the date of purchase (along with Government guidelines).

The "extra value" eVoucher is a promotional voucher and is to encourage purchases entirely the site, therefore it has a shorter expiry date (for exact expiry date please check it on your Hub Dashboard).

eVouchers cannot be exchanged to Cash and cannot be transferred to another Customer.

Customers must hold a valid verified Customer (My Hub) account on Local Shop Hub to be able to redeem their eVouchers.

For further information re eVouchers Terms and Conditions.