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Can I request a refund of an unused Gift Voucher?

Gift Vouchers are not refundable, nor transferable payment method. They can be used in the Local Shop Hub Webshop of the particular Business they were purchased from.

Any refunds are subject to management discretion of particular Business.

For further information please see Terms and Conditions.

Can Gift vouchers from a particular Business can be used in another Business' webshop?

Unfortunately not.

For security reasons, Gift Vouchers are linked to the particular Customer account as well as the Business they were purchased from.

This practice enhances the security of Gift Vouchers for both Customers and Businesses.

Also, as you bought a Gift Voucher from a particular Business, it means you can redeem it in their Business!

BUT: If you wish to purchase a Gift Voucher that can be redeemed in any participating stores on Local Shop Hub, we suggest you to purchase Hub eVouchers.

Is Gift Voucher accepted on site without online purchase/booking?

Gift Vouchers were introduced to help both Customers and Businesses, especially if they operate with appointment booking/collection slots. Therefore it was made to be used online as the default Local Shop Hub Webshop was made to fully manage Gift Vouchers.

Acceptance of Gift Vouchers in the walk in (brick and mortar) store if the particular Business is NOT guaranteed, but are fully accepted in the Local Shop Hub Webshop of the particular Business they were purchased from.

Can purchased Gift Vouchers be transferred to my friend?

Gift eVouchers cannot be transferable after they are purchased.

Upon purchase, you need to provide details of Recipient with at least one contact details of theirs.

If you made any mistake in the contact details and due to mispelling the Recipient has no access to their Gift eVouchers, please contact us.

For security reasons, eVouchers are linked to the particular Customer account.

Also, as you bought an eVoucher from a particular Business, then you can redeem it only in their webshop on Local Shop Hub. You are unable to redeem Shop eVouchers in any other Business nor the walk in (brick and mortar) store of the particular Business.

This practice enhances the security of eVouchers for both Customers and Businesses.

Can multiple eVouchers / Coupons can be used up to the same purchase order?

Generally speaking, if you wish to redeem multiple eVouchers / Hub eVouchers / coupons for the same purchase order, you can do so, with some conditions below:

- All eVouchers need to have balance over zero and must not be expired or invalid.

- All eVouchers must be shown in your Customer account and they need to be either purchased from the relevant Business OR they must be Hub eVouchers.

- Some coupons cannot be combined with others, when this criteria applies, it is clearly stated on the coupon.

- eVouchers cannot be redeemed for a transactions purchasing other eVouchers.

- Some items in a webshop may be excluded from purchased with eVouchers, if this apply, it is clearly displayed on the Product page.

For any order, Customers can also mix Shop eVouchers and Hub eVouchers (up to the balance of the eVouchers OR the remaining balance to be paid, whichever is less).

How can I pay with a Gift Voucher in a webshop?

If a Customer has a valid Gift Voucher with any balance greater than zero from any of the Businesses listed on Local Shop Hub, they can redeem it as a payment method in the business' webshop, At the basket summary page, they can simply select the eVoucher they wish to redeem. The system will automatically deduct the necessary amount (up to the value of the order OR the actual balance of the Gift Voucher (whichever is less)).

If Customer has multiple eVouchers from the same store and/or they have Hub eVouchers as well, they can combine them in one transaction.

Hub eVouchers can be redeemed in any Local Shop Hub stores.

Can eVouchers be used in several Businesses?

As Local Shop Hub Businesses operate separately, the eVouchers purchased on a specific Business' webshop can be redeemed only at the specific Business webshop on Local Shop Hub.

These cannot be redeemed in any other businesses NOR the same Business' walk in (brick and mortar) shop NOR their direct webshop (if they have any).

Local Shop Hub also offers Hub eVouchers - these are eVouchers that can be redeemed in ANY participating stores in Local Shop Hub. To purchase these, click here.

Can a Gift Voucher be used multiple times?

Yes. Gift Vouchers can be used multiple times, up to the remaining balance of the specific Gift Voucher.

Once a Gift Voucher balance goes down to zero it becomes expired.

A Gift Voucher cannot be topped up again but Customers are able to purchase a new Gift Voucher at any time.

I wish to make a purchase in a Barber shop, but I don't wish to book a specific appointment straight. Is it possible?

If the relevant Business requires to book an appointment upon placing a purchase, then you need to book an appointment.

Also, Businesses are able to sell eVouchers as well. If you purchase eVouchers, the amount can be paid at time of checkout but no appointment needs to be selected.

At a later stage when you wish to book an appointment, you simply place an order with the appointment date/time most suitable, and pay conveniently with the previously purchased eVoucher.

How safe is paying by Card on Local Shop Hub?

Card payment service is provided by Stripe - all payment details including card information are handled directly by Stripe.

Local Shop Hub does NOT have access to, does NOT hold, does NOT keep and does NOT store payment card information.

For further information, please see our Safe and Secure Shopping policy.

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