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All you need to know about eVouchers of Local Shop Hub

This document clarify all aspects of offering, buying and redeeming eVouchers, Gift Vouchers on Local Shop Hub

Local Shop Hub offers the flexibility of two different types of eVouchers to be purchased and redeemed as payment method against orders placed on our website.

Customers can purchase two different types of eVouchers on Local Shop Hub:

- Hub eVouchers

- Shop eVoucher

The following are common in both types of eVouchers:

- They can be used multiple times, but up to the total initial amount loaded at time of purchase.

- They cannot be topped up but Customers can purchase new eVouchers any time.

- Once a full balance of a eVoucher is being used up, the eVoucher becomes expired.

- They have a minimum validity period of 5 years from the date of purchase or can have no expiry, depending of the Shop its purchased from.

- In once transaction, multiple eVouchers can be redeemed against a part (or full) payment of an order total, up to the total amount to be paid for the order.

- In one transaction, both types (Hub and Shop eVouchers) can be mixed in any way.

- Both types can be used only if Customer is logged into their Customer account and eVouchers show up on their account.

- In one transaction, orders cannot be overpaid by eVouchers nor eVouchers can be purchased by another or another type of eVoucher.

- eVouchers cannot be refunded but in certain cases in management's discretion, they can be transferred to another Customer account.

- eVouchers are NOT transferable between Customer accounts except at the time of purchase, when it is purchased as a Gift.

- The recipient of Gift eVoucher must be named along with at least one contact details must be provided at time of purchase (email address and/or mobile phone number).

- At the time of purchase of Gift eVoucher, the recipient does NOT need to have a Local Shop Hub account yet, so the purchaser can freely purchase the eVoucher as a Gift if they know the mobile phone number of recipient.

- If a recipient of a Gift eVoucher does not have Local Shop Hub Customer account, they need to register and verify one before they are able to use their eVouchers.

- For security reasons, Customers (and recipients of Gift eVouchers, if applicable) must hold valid and verified Local Shop Hub Customer account to purchase and redeem eVouchers.

- eVouchers are not transferable, resaleable nor can be exchanged to cash.

Verified account means that email address and mobile phone numbers are verified by authentication email and sms being sent out them and secret code has been typed back correctly on the Customer account.

Differences between Hub eVouchers and Shop eVouchers:

1. Hub eVouchers

Hub eVouchers can be purchased by any Customer who have registered Customer account on Local Shop Hub.

Customers can purchase these eVouchers either for themselves or as a Gift. If it's purchased as a Gift, the eVoucher can be used by the Gift Recipient only and in this case the purchaser has no access to the Gift Voucher.

Hub eVouchers can be redeemed in any shops listed on Local Shop Hub.

Local Shop Hub occasionally run promotions with offering extra value on purchased Hub eVouchers (eg Invite Your Friends to Local Shop Hub and receive "+10% extra Coupon for Hub eVouchers".

Local Shop Hub reserves the right to finish this promotion any time. Once we do not offer +10% extra anymore, means new purchases do not get extra value but any Vouchers that have already been purchased before end of promotion will keep the extra value.

2. Shop eVouchers

Certain Businesses are offering Shop eVouchers and accept them in their Local Shop Hub Webshop. These are clearly marked before purchase and on eVoucher itself.

Please note not all Businesses offer Shop eVouchers.

Shop eVouchers have been purchased from a specific Shop on Local Shop Hub can be redeemed against part- or full payment of orders placed only in that specific Local Shop Hub Webshop and cannot be transferred to any other webshop nor Hub eVoucher.

Customers CANNOT redeem Shop eVouchers:

- In normal brick and mortar shop of the Business,

- On the external website and webshop of the Business,

- In any other businesses' webshops.

Other Conditions of purchasing Hub eVouchers or Shop eVouchers

Upon purchase of an eVoucher, Customers are able to combine multiple value Shop eVouchers in one single transaction (eg. purchase 2 x €20 + 1 x €10 + 1 x €5 eVoucher or even combine them with "any amount" eVoucher (if the particular Business offers "any amount" eVouchers).

In one single transaction, upon checkout, the total value of eVouchers are being summarized and only one eVoucher is being issued to the Customer or the Gift Recipient (as per the example above, one eVoucher is being issued with a value of €55).

eVouchers purchased from a participating Business, may have a minimum 5 years validity as pe Government guidelines.

eVoucher values can be redeemable at the same business Local Shop Hub Webshop.

eVouchers can be used multiple times up to the total amount they have been topped up at purchase.

eVouchers cannot be topped up again, but Customers can purchase new eVouchers any time.

Values of eVouchers are not refundable (business separate refund policy appies).

Refunds, cancelling orders paid (fully or partially) by Hub eVouchers

If an order is being cancelled and it's paid partially by Hub eVoucher:

- A new Hub eVoucher will be issued to the Customer with the same value paid by Hub eVoucher.

- If the value of eVoucher has not been paid out to you yet, then you will also see this amount to be marked as cancelled in your Business Dashboard and it won't be paid out to you,

- If the value of eVoucher has already been paid out to you, then you will receive a debit transaction on your Business Dashboard. The net amount of this transaction will be deducted from your next pay out.

Refunds can be made to Hub eVouchers only and only the exact amount of original Hub eVoucher payment value can be refunded.

Refunds, cancelling orders paid (fully or partially) by Shop eVouchers

If an order is being cancelled and it's paid partially by Shop eVoucher, a new eVoucher will be issued to the Customer with the amount paid by Shop eVoucher.

Refunds can be made to Shop eVouchers only and only the exact amount of original Shop eVoucher payment value can be refunded.Most of Businesses listed in Local Shop Hub offer eVouchers / Gift Vouchers (eVoucher) on their WebShop and they are available to purchase by Customers.

eVouchers with fixed denominatinons (eg. €10, €20, €50, etc.)

Depending on the particular Businesses, there are fixed denominations of eVouchers that can be mixed as wished, eg. for €70 Customer needs to add a €50 and a €20 eVoucher in the basket). The quantities can also be changed, eg. €130 eVoucher can be bought with 2 x €50 + 1 x €20 + 1 x €10 eVoucher.

Please note, regardless of total qty of the eVouchers purchased in one transaction, there will be always 1 (one) eVoucher will be issued per transaction (matching the total value of eVouchers to be purchased).

eVouchers with no fixed denominations ("Any Amount eVouchers")

Upon selecting "Any Amount" eVoucher, Customers must specify the value they wish to purchase.

Businesses may set a minimum and maximumm value to be met upon purchase.

For Hub eVouchers, minimum €10 and maximum €200 value for one particular eVoucher applies.

How to purchase:

Simply put it into the basket same way as you'd do it with a normal product then click on Checkout and finish the purchase.

Some Businesses offer "Any Amount" eVoucher - this means, you can specify what amount you wish the eVoucher to be topped up for (any whole Euro amount). Please note each individual Business has the right to set a minimum and/or maximum eVoucher amount - if any of these applies, it is clearly stated on the eVoucher page before purchasing.

eVoucher Expiry:

Validity period can vary and depend on the particular Business the eVoucher is purchased from.

As a general rule, based on Government guidelines, any eVoucher has a minimum validity period of 5 years form the date of purchase. Individual Businesses can alter this to longer period or marking eVouchers with No Expiry date.

Buying eVouchers as a Gift:

If you wish to purchase multiple eVouchers (eg. to be split for Gift and for yourself, or even eVouchers purchased from different Businesses), please put eVouchers to separately

Same as all other orders placed in Local Shop Hub,Each eVoucher purchase transactions have be separately checked out and paid for in Local Shop Hub (baskets and mixed eVouchers

Customers are limited to 1 (one) eVoucher per transaction, regardless how many eVoucher they have put into their basket and checked out. Only 1 (one) eVoucher will be issued upon finalizing checkout with the total value of all eVouchers paid in the particular transaction.

With one transaction, only one Gift Voucher can be purchased to one (1) Gift Recipient only.

If Customer wishes to split/ order separate eVouchers for different Recipients, they can do so by placing separate orders with paying for separately.

If, for an unlikely event, a participating Business becomes unavailable on Local Shop Hub but you have already purchased Shop eVouchers from them that is still valid and has positive balance on it:

Both you and the Business will be notified about the remaining eVoucher value, voucher code and expiry date. From that moment, you need to handle the redemption directly with the particular business, who will manage the transactions, balance etc. through their way.

Vouchers cannot be refunded / transferred etc. in any way through Local Shop Hub.

Other restrictions:

eVouchers are issued and managed by Local Shop Hub on behalf of the particular Businesses who sell them.

For security reasons eVouchers are linked to the specific Business that they have purchased from.

Expiry dates may vary depending from the particular Business. Generally based on Government guidelines, minimum expiry date is 5 years from the purchase but depending on Business, can also have No Expiry date.